Application Security Penetration Testing Training


One of the most effective ways to mitigate security vulnerabilities is through education and awareness. Participants at the end of this training learns practical penetration testing techniques and remediation methods that they can use to audit an application. Alongside theoretical audit topics, Enforsec also provides unique and sophisticated applications to practically apply the learned knowledge.


Secure Code Development Training


There are significant financial and other types of cost differences between detecting and eliminating a security vulnerability during the early stages of the software development cycle and after the software  started to be used. The Enforsec’s secure code development training helps participants learn about the technical and non-technical security issues they may inadvertently cause while developing software, teaching practices that can secure software before vulnerabilities even arise.


Network Security Audit Training


This training covers the review of the security of infrastructures used in the transmission, processing, and storage of corporate information, methods of detecting and exploiting potential vulnerabilities, and the evaluation of measures that can be taken against them.


Database Security Audit Trainig


Considering that databases, where sensitive data such as customer and financial information are stored, are at the forefront of critical corporate systems, their security directly becomes a key measure of corporate information security. Database security training addresses the variety of vulnerabilities that can be found in database management systems, how these vulnerabilities can be uncovered, the determination of solutions, and information security audit control steps.